Symptom Survey & Toxicity Form

Symptom Survey

The Symptom Survey Form has 224 commonly found symptoms arranged in 9 groups.  For example, Group 5 is composed of symptoms related to problems in the gall bladder and liver.  Group 6 deals with digestion.  there are 4 methods that you can use to evaluate the Symptom survey form:

  1. The Tally Sheet
  2. General Support
  3. The 5 main complaint method
  4. Expanded General Support method with synergists

Make sure to use numbers only (1,2,3) and leave blank if symptoms do not apply.

Download: Symptom survey form


Toxicity Form

The Toxicity Questionnaire is designed to aid the practitioner in assessing a patient’s or client’s potential need for a clinical purification program.


Download: Toxicity Questionnaire