Athletic Performance Testing


Our initiative is to become Maine’s leading advocate in the awareness and treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI). We currently use state of the art equipment such as the OptoJump to perform neuro-cognitive testing and to measure an individual’s symmetry and balance while performing dynamic movements.  A technique that has been missing in the diagnosis and treatment of MTBI’s to date.  By coupling these tests and using a closely monitored return to play protocol it is assured that your athletes will have a full and safe recovery from their MTBI.

Concussion Examination

bwellhealth offers an array of tests to help enhance you or your child’s athletic performance.  We will assess and evaluate specific movements using the Optojump Next.  After evaluations we will provide feedback and give recommendations for exercises that will benefit your athletic ability!

Performance Assessment

Click here for the necessary paperwork prior to coming in: Baseline Testing Form